Cathy & Hank

Thank You Valley View Farm South! I would like to attempt to express my sincere gratitude to Michele Aldridge; the owner of Valley View Farm South. I came to the barn over thirteen years ago. I had recently retired and I thought that I would spend my time taking care of my darling grandson. Sadly, he passed away unexpectedly. Most of the family buried their grief in their jobs. I had nowhere to turn. It was then that I began to realize that the only way I could heal was in the pursuit of a lifelong dream.

I wanted my own horse and I wanted to overcome a deep-seated fear of riding due to a serious accident in my teens. Michele became my healer.

  • First, she found the perfect horse for me. This horse, as it turned out, needed me just as much as I needed him.
  • Secondly, she has continually encouraged me as I make my way slowly on the long journey to overcoming my fear.
  • Thirdly, I have become more competent under the guidance of our barn instructor, Jan Jones. I have been learning about Natural Horsemanship, and it has helped me to connect closely with my wonderful horse.
  • Fourthly, I met other riders who are learning just as I am. These other riders have made me feel welcome, and great friendships have developed.

Valley View is an establishment devoted to a horse’s well-being. The barn is clean, well equipped and well organized. The horses are happy and flourish under Michele’s care. Thanks to Valley View, my journey continues. I am challenged in my riding. I have goals to meet such as taking Hank out on the beautiful riding trails. There are valuable clinics that introduce me to the wonderful complexities of Natural Horsemanship. There are social events that bring us all together for fun & games.


Laurie and Ozzy

Valley View South is a beautiful farm with great facilities…..boarders and staff are very friendly and sociable. Fantastic care for your horse. Ozzy and I love it here and could not be happier.

Dusty and Polly

Michelle is an amazing coach and has taught me and my horse Polly how to be partners and to bond better. She has an amazing facility that fits every horse and and riders needs. She is very knowledgeable and keeps up on it. Michelle is very friendly and very approachable to ask any questions you may have. Valley view farm is like a big family and is very welcoming, it’s my favourite place to come and relax with my horse or to socialize. Michelle bring very knowledgeable coaches in every year for everyone to have a chance to learn something new. They also have an amazing musical ride twice a month that is so much fun. All the horses and riders at the barn are super friendly. I highly recommend valley view farm to anyone horse owner.

Kyley, Buddy and Whiskey

If home is where the heart is then Valley View isnt just a place where I board my horses.. it’s my second home. Whether I want to work with my horses or just hang out with them and the many lovely people that share this special place; I always feel the same way. At peace.

Michele always works hard to provide the best care to our horses. I never have to worry about anything because I know she’s there. She has taught me so much about horses and helped me along the way. From re-training my off the track standardbred to starting my colt. She has always been there to help, give insightful advice and encourage me to keep going and never stop learning. She is a great horsewoman, barn owner and mentor.

Buddy, Whiskey and I are forever grateful for the care, the lessons learned and this beautiful place we like to call home.

Audrey and Hunter

When I came to ValleyView South farm, I was looking for a special home for my horse and I. Michele has helped us through many obstacles in the last few years. I am so happy to have found her: her support and caring, her wisdom and confidence building. I found the right person and farm for us. I am very happy and so are my horses.