70′ Round Pen

Our large round pen offers spectacular views of the farm. Whether you are doing groundwork or riding, it provides a peaceful place for you to enjoy time with your horse.

Farm Vista

A view of our grently rolling paddocks from the main drive. Our boarders really enjoy the scenic countryside.

Large Run-in Shelters

They are provided in every paddock for shelter in inclement weather. Each paddock is equipped with a heated automatic watering system. For a fresh drink every time!

Happy, Healthy Herds

All the horses get lots of turn-out. The staff work around the sun to provide our horses with maximum turn-out. We carefully monitor each paddock making sure that all field-mates get along.

Spacious Aisles

Our barn is equipped with cross-ties that have quick release snaps, and sturdy rubber mats for comfort and safety.

Large, Indoor Arena

It is equipped with play balls, a bridge, barrels, jumps and other innovative equipment to make learning fun! We often have “Activity Days” where boarders will congregate to work with their horses as a group, exchanging ideas and information. FUN FOR ALL!

Covered Round Feeders

They are full of quality hay 24-7, to ensure that your horse has forage available at all times. We also have hay nets to improve the quality of grazing. In addition, salt licks and automatic heated waters are provided in each paddock.

Resident Barn Coaches

Coaches available for all boarders wishing instruction in Dressage, English, Western & Natural Horsemanship. Both group and private lessons are available. A wealth of knowledge at reasonable rates!

The Trail Head

Our boarders enjoy riding on the seventy five acres of gently rolling land with groomed and safe trails that comprise our farm, or going out hacking with friends. The views are spectacular winter, spring, summer and fall!

Large Outdoor Sand Ring

It is a 140′ x 90′ and offers you fantastic views of the valley, while riding on well maintained footings. A picnic table is located just outside the gate, so that visiting family members can comfortably sit and watch you ride.

Special Care

An isolation paddock, or indoor stall, offers your horse a safe place to recuperate in the event of illness or injury.

Horses that require the use of the Special Care areas are monitored closely by our experienced staff, to aid in the quickest recovery possible.

Your horse’s recovery is both physical and emotional; our unique special care provides the horse the opportunity to have herd mates nearby, thereby reducing his stress levels while recuperating physically, and thus speeding the healing process.

Our Barn Mascot “Snowflake”